Workshops from the Croatian-American Society

US Workshops

These workshops help students learn about American culture, contain information related to the chosen topic, an interactive quiz about America, and a summary of the program from the Croatian-American Society.

The aim of these workshops is to develop openness and respect for members of other cultures, to raise awareness of the forms of behavior that result from stereotypes and prejudices and to develop and improve the skills of intercultural communication.

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Next Apple Project

The objectives of the project are to prepare students for the business world by teaching them how to write a high-quality CV (résumé) and job application, prepare them for an interview with potential employers and inform them of the desirable traits required by employees; educate students about entrepreneurship and product development process from the initial stage, which includes brainstorming and up to the consumption phase; develop 21st skills such as teamwork, effectively communicating in a foreign language, creativity, problem solving, and technology usage.
The project will also contribute to the development of democratic principles and active citizenship. The official language of the project is English.