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Youth English Club (YEC)

About Our Clubs:

The YEC program exists to provide elementary and high school students the opportunity to expand their educational horizons. The goal is to learn about various aspects of U.S. culture and ways of life including values, language, norms, sports, music, literature, film, painting, the political system as well as history and heritage.

Club workshops are led by qualified leaders with years of experience, many of whom are native speakers.

Club interaction encourages self-reliance and free-thinking, enabling members to become creative young thinkers, thereby improving knowledge and skills that can help produce well-rounded members of society to lead future generations.

Club members take part in regular weekly workshops incorporating various concepts and activities in this year-long program which uses a strict “English only” policy.

Given the different levels of competence in English, our club members gather in small groups according to their age and ability level. Our goal is for every student to be actively involved in a group that suits his or her competence. The program is enriched by additional English opportunities and these activities provide a diversified experience. The activities include trips to museums, parks, sporting events, theaters, cinemas, etc.

The program runs from 14.09.2020. do 12.06.2021 (approx. 130 hours)

  • Winter holidays last from 21.12.20. to 10.1.21.
  • Spring holidays last from 1.4.21. to 11.4.21.
  • Other non-working days: 18.11.

Parent meetings are held in October and February


American Library

  • All members can use our library
  • American classics, Indian literature, human rights, etc.

Additional activities

  • During the year, fun and additional activities are organized to give students the opportunity to serve English in different circumstances
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter
  • Excursions to museums, parks, sports events, theaters, etc.


All parents whose children attend YEC are entitled to a discount of 20% on the price of the English language course for adults, or they can organize individual classes with discounts.



  • An expertly managed playhouse in English
  • For children between ages 5 to 7
  • Two times a week for 45 minutes
For more information, contact us at 091 / 24 22 343 or email us  ili
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YEC annual membership fee (summer reg.)Most Popular

kn 4.550

per year(enroll by 20.07.2020) payable in 11 installments

YEC annual membership fee (fall reg.)

kn 4.950

per year(after 20.07.2020) payable in 11 installments