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Halloween Party For YEC Club members Zagreb

Pumpkins, spooky stories, fun activities, haunted houses, and the best costume contest awaited all our Youth English Club. Youth English Club member (between the ages of 7 – 18) were invited to our annual Halloween party. Our annual Halloween parties for YEC kids in Zagreb was held from October 30th to October 31st. Our main goal is for all kids to have fun and to experience and celebrating American traditions in Croatia. Our parties are not just regular parties, but they are educational parties. Our Halloween parties have an English ONLY policy. This helps our YEC members practice their English skills in a relaxed environment.

Halloween party for kids in Zagreb

Our YEC members have unlimited quantities of sweets, snacks, and drinks throughout the entire party. To participate in one of our Halloween parties, you must register via e-mail: Our Halloween parties take place on our premises at Petrova Ulica 119, 10000 Zagreb.