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CAS is proud to start offering Croatian students the opportunity to experience the TOEFL before signing up for the test. So many students make the mistake of waiting too long to take the TOEFL or preparing for the test. The TOEFL is usually offered a few times per month in Zagreb. The next official TOEFL test dates are January 6, February 3, and March 2. The next mock TOEFL test will be offered at CAS on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 8 am at our Petrova 119 headquarters. The test simulation is a great way to decrease test anxiety and achieve better results on the real test in 2018. The mock test includes a complete test, analysis, and consultation focusing on how to improve your score after the mock has been completed. Why choose CAS for this event? We currently have over 20 scholarship students in the USA, including 4 in the Ivy League! Please email Michael at to reserve your spot.