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We started off with science – the kids did several experiments such as a homemade volcano and lava lamp. The next day dealt with nature, and the kids learned about different animal habitats and amazing facts about animals.

Summer Camp Zagreb

On the third day, they discovered the world of Native Americans and made their own dreamcatchers, headdresses and a wigwam. The next day we traveled back in time, and went on a dinosaur scavenger hunt, dug up dinosaur skeletons, made caveman necklaces and paintings, and also built catapults.

The First CAS Summer Camp Zagreb 2017

On the last day, the kids participated in a spy school where they learned different ways of writing with invisible ink. At the end of the day, they went on a treasure hunt which they completed successfully, earning their spy diplomas.

We had a great time during this summer camp in Zagreb, and we can’t wait for the upcoming CAS spring camp in Zagreb too!

Thank you for the wonderful time you had spent with our Maris. Maris has a superb time!

Nina K.

Mladenka D.Greta had a blast!

Thanks, we had a blast! See you next year.

Darko L.

Lucija enjoyed her time with you!
A very creative approach to new content. Adopting similar content, from other similar camps and workshops, in a new way. What I liked was that the groups weren't too big. My kid had fun and looked forward to the camp every day.

Ivana P.

Thank you for an interesting and well-organized camp.

Katarina B.

I am extremely happy with the number and variety of activities, the creative approach and dedicated work of the leaders; and the didactic material as well as the meals offered. I would gladly include my child in any future similar activities offered by CAS.

Ivan G.

We were very pleased with the camp experience and the leaders.

Tina B.