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The Croatian-American Society’s Student Exchange Program ‘A school year in the United States’ in cooperation with our American partner, invites high school students to spend one year in an American high school whilst living with a typical American family.

Now Accepting Applicants for 2018-2019!

Young people who decide to attend such a program embark on an adventure which will best prepare them for future life and how to cope and deal with new situations. Come and study in the United States!

The program is carried out by Americans offering foreign students an opportunity to live and study in the United States while American high school students have an opportunity to live and study abroad. Students from around the world come to live in a typical American family and study in a typical American high school for a period of one year.

The Student Exchange Program intended for the Croatian high school students exists as part of the Section for the Promotion of Language and Culture since 1995. The program is called “One school year in the United States”.

As an exchange student, I have gained valuable experience. Staying with an unknown family, far away from everything and everybody you know, you are forced to build up a new life. Because of this program, I was able to grow as a person, better understand myself, others around me and overcome challenges with amazing rewards that would impact my life in years to come. This exchange program was definitely one of the best experiences in my life.

Tina M.An unforgettable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join The Program?

All high school students between the ages of 15 and 18.5 who have a solid general knowledge and are near fluent in English can join the student exchange program. According to their age they will be placed in sophomore, junior, or senior classes. Interested candidates have to pass an English exam (SLEP) at the Croatian-American Society to prove their language competency. (There is a separate fee for this exam) First you must pass a personal interview and the English Competency Test which is taken at the Croatian-American society’s premises in Petrova 119, Zagreb. To schedule your testing/interview please call +385-1-2422-343 or +385-98-933-1315. After completion of the exam and interview, the student will receive forms, which should be filled in and submitted along with the deposit, on the date agreed at the enrollment.

What Do The Program Fees Cover?

The Program Covers: – an academic year in an American high school (August to June) – room and board with a host family – organized (chaperoned) airport transfers – an informative seminar upon arrival – assistance, support, and advisory help by our American partners during the entire stay in the USA – 24 hour toll free hotline number – manual and a brochure with advice and important information – monthly progress reports sent to parents – administrative fees which include enrollment, consultations, assistance in filling the necessary forms, administrative tasks, educational seminar, assistance in obtaining the visa, etc; – mailing the complete documentation through DHL or other currier service – health insurance while in the USA. The policy covers only illnesses/injuries which occur while in the USA not the inherited/chronic diseases It Does Not Cover: – return airfare ticket to the designated destination – textbooks, notebooks, and other school related expenses (meals, sports uniforms, musical instruments, etc.) – allowance (it is recommended USD 200-300 per month and additional USD 300 for end of the year formalities) – nostrification fees upon return – visa fees

Important Notice (Please Read)

The Student Exchange Program is uniform for the entire USA and is carried out according to the standards prescribed by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (US Department of State). The Agency specifying the terms and regulations of Student Exchange Programs is Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET). According to its standard no Student Exchange Program can guarantee a student the right to obtain an American High School Diploma; this right is left to each individual school to decide which grade the student can attend and which requirements (if permitted) he/she needs to satisfy in order to obtain high school diploma. Should you, after having read all this information, be interested in our Exchange Program and going to America for an entire school year then please call CAS Office at +385-1-2422-343 workdays between 10:00 and 15:30 (Central European Time) to arrange a meeting and schedule a time to take the English exam.