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The Croatian American Society hosted two very successful camps in the past year. Our spring camp was our second very successful camp this year. It was hosted over four days with kids ranging from first to sixth grade.

On the first day of spring camp, we learned about space and astronauts. We found out how old we are on other planets, made a bottle rocket and overnight crystals.

The second day was devoted to Native Americans. We handpainted the cloth for the teepee we made afterward and made headbands, dream catchers, and spin drums.

On the third day, we traveled back in time and dug up dinosaur bones. After that, we learned how to write like Egyptians, deciphered hieroglyphs made movable pharaoh dolls and visited the Archeological museum where we saw Ružica, the Zagreb mummy.

On the last day of spring camp, we attended a spy school and earned our secret agent diplomas