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The ‘Next Apple’ Project Summary

CAS organized and delivered year 2 of our Entrepreneurship project. Seven partner schools took part in the yearlong program that prepares students for the business world. Each school selected one class of students to take part in the project. The following schools took part in the project: 9. Gimnazija, 1. Gimnazija, Koprinvica Gimnazija, Kalrovac Gimanzija, Gornjagradska Gimnazija, OS Trnsko, and OS Vjenislav Novak. Over 150 students successfully completed the project in June 2017. The project is delivered in 3 phases. First is the instructional phase where all students take part in 3 educational workshops which focus on characteristics of entrepreneurs, the steps needed to succeed with the idea-prototype-product cycle, business plans, advertising plans, start-up companies, and then shifts to business skills, interviews, CV’s, and other tips to succeed in the global economy. In the second phase students are separated into teams and create their own companies. Each team member is assigned a role and the company starts brainstorming product/service ideas to potentially market. The last phase is for evaluation where each team presents their work to the group first to get constructive feedback and then to a larger group of teachers, parents, and peers. Overall, the second year of the project was a great success!