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Another year in the YEC program is underway. We still have some openings in the program on Mondays/Wednesdays. Class posters have been prepared and are hung in each program location. Parent-leader meetings are taking place right now to make sure all parents are able to meet and greet the leader of each group. The last week of October will feature Halloween parties for all groups to see who has the best costume! All members will enjoy multiple activities and games during the parties. Our first Lego camp was held October 22 and the next one will be on November 19. These Lego camps are intended for members and friends in grades 1-6 and focus on multiple topics using the STEM approach. Older members in the YEC program will take part in the ‘Mock USA Election Project’ at the end of October as well. We are looking for new members so please recommend our program to any contacts that are looking for the best English program in Zagreb.

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