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Our first Spelling Bee

Our first public HAD Spelling Bee, sponsored by the Croatian American Society, was recently held. The contest was filled with laughter, joy, and excitement. We had a very good turnout of learners.

We had 4 different levels and 4 winners.

  • FH2 – 1.mjesto – Tea Noršić
  • FH3 – 1.mjesto – Ivo Pavičić
  • FH4 – 1.mjesto – Roko Čoga Šterle
  • WW2 – 1.mjesto – Sara Vukina

Students went through nail-biting rounds before the winners had emerged victorious.

We wanted to congrats the winners once more and pronounce them as the HAD spelling bee winners 2018/2019

We will be announcing our HAD spelling bee 2019/2020 in the fall. The contest will also be open to the general public.